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October 19, 2009

Public acknowledgement soon of other civilizations; other truths will emerge later; "open window" for ascension; changes to come; physical death of those who refuse light; Golden Age government; moderate temperatures; emotions, bodies in higher densities; relationship of soul, fetus


1. With loving greetings, this is Matthew speaking on behalf of all souls at this station. You have been waiting a very, very long time-far longer than you are consciously aware-for the momentous occasion on your near horizon. For several years various messengers of the light have been telling you about the spiritually, intellectually and technologically advanced civilizations surrounding you-soon you will hear this truth from persons in your world whom you trust and respect. 

2. Members of the highest council that designed the master plan of Earth's Golden Age have been observing the pace of flux in the collective consciousness, and they have agreed that the day is nearing when the presence of your celestial brotherhood must become widely known. There are "open windows," universally speaking, that offer the leaps in consciousness and spiritual clarity that enable a civilization to ascend into a higher density. These windows have opened for Earth's peoples before, but they closed because the darkness that permeated the planet prevented the peoples from looking up at the stars instead of down at "feet of clay." This is the time of another open window, and as ordained by the Supreme Being of this universe, Earth will fly through on her way into the higher densities where love, peace and harmony is the basis of life. In her love for all her resident souls, she wants them to go with her.

3. Measured progress is necessary to meet the energetic timeline of any open window, and much must be accomplished before this one closes around the end of your year 2012. Again, Earth's soaring through and onward to her destination in fifth density is assured-it is up to individual souls to chart their own journey. The tenacious resistance of the dark minds among you has managed to keep a lid on the massive deception that has kept the peoples in bondage for millennia. The dark forces knows it has lost the war for global domination, but its battle continues for individuals who have not heeded their souls' intuitive messages to "see the light." The current strategy of the puppets of darkness is to stir up anger, confusion and divisiveness-the antithesis of the spirit that can see and seize opportunities for benevolent change-and even as tiny bits of pervasive corruption and depravity seep into headlines, a great deal still is operating to keep the masses deceived, suppressed and consciously asleep. 

4. Because that is not in keeping with Earth's desire for her beloved souls, the master planning council in conjunction with spiritually evolved beings among you decided to reverse the order of two major parts of the plan. Originally it was thought that exposure of the dark ones' controlling hand in myriad worldly matters would arouse the sleepers and then there would be the revelation that newcomers from distant lands have come to help you clean up the mess your world is in. But awakening of the masses isn't happening as quickly as need be and time is of the essence, so it has been agreed to jolt the many sound sleepers with something that cannot miss getting everyone's attention-your governments acknowledging that other intelligent beings are in the universe.    

5. According to information reaching us about the "unveiling," it will be understated rather than dramatic, such as a simultaneous fleet of spacecraft decloaking or a host of visitors landing. And there will not be an immediate outpouring of interaction with your brothers and sisters from faraway homelands-their introduction will be unfolded, not suddenly thrust upon a world where skeptics and nonbelievers will not greet this news with the same enthusiasm as you. Wisdom dictates caution so that suspense and doubt will not turn into chaos and fear.  

6. The dark ones know that once this long-denied truth no longer is deniable, it opens a virtual Pandora's box of their heinous activities throughout the ages. Thus, even as lightworkers are rejoicing that at long last the presence of other civilizations is publicly confirmed, the dark minds will be furiously churning out fear. As puppets of the off-planet dark forces, they know that the energy of fear puts a barrier between light and consciousness, and always the goal of that powerful force field of negativity has been to conquer souls by capturing their light. Their puppets will make every effort to convince the populace that the ETs are to be feared, they have come to conquer and enslave.  

7. Your interconnectedness with all souls in this universe will help dispel the fear that non-illumined individuals succumb to. The light in your elation not only will touch all around you, but will radiate out into the universe and through the law of attraction, bring back "like" energy that can reach those who bought into the fear-filled falsehoods. The light can open their hearts and let them also welcome the visitors who have come to assist you rise out of third density, where darkness thrives. It is true that God told these others of His children to help you, but they are doing this eagerly and lovingly so all of you can awaken to your rightful place in our universal family.

8. Because we honor every one of the many courageous souls throughout your world who are aiding the light forces, rarely do we single out an individual for such recognition. Speaking on behalf of all souls at this station, I do so in this instance because David Wilcock so clearly explains the interconnectedness of all in existence, how science and spirit are one and the same, and all incarnate experiencing is within the universal consciousness.  

9. Now I shall move on to addressing other issues requested by "seasoned" lightworkers and new soul searchers.  How quickly will improvements in life on Earth come after the presence of other civilizations is widely known?  Behind closed doors, groundwork for many improvements is being birthed, so to say, but the most noticeable changes in Earth's environment and lives of the long-exploited masses will come when your brothers and sisters from afar are working alongside you and introducing technologies whose speed and effectiveness will astound you.

10. To what extent will we recognize coming changes if we don't have advanced spiritual understanding like remembering other lifetimes or knowing our main mission in this one? You will recognize many changes! Prominent figures in governments and other "authorities" suddenly will be out of the picture and others will be replaced as reformation progresses. Negotiations will replace combat between nations and civil wars will wind down to resolution. Criticism of US president Obama will cease. Putting bandages on a dead economic system will end and be replaced by a new system. Technologies that have been suppressed by one malicious means or another will become available for implementation.

11. Pollution in all its insidious forms will be eradicated, some quickly and others more gradually. The befouled condition of air, water and soil will be cleansed and purity returned. Other kinds of pollutants that have made life "hell on Earth" and will be phased out include weapons systems, weather control, radioactive materials, laboratory-designed diseases, deceptive media reporting, poverty, violent "entertainment," mind controlled assassins, subjugation of women, "hate" crimes, Satanism, unfair laws and unjust justice systems, "illegal" and prescription drugs, cruelty to animals-EVERYTHING that has been devised by dark intent will be done away with!

12. Although most of the populace will witness the incremental changes and not think, "These are occurring because of advanced spiritual understanding in the collective consciousness," it is precisely the raised consciousness and spiritual clarity of Earth humankind that is the foundation of ALL the changes! None of them could come about without YOUR desire to live in peace with each other and in harmony with Nature on a planet that is restored to its original health and beauty! As many messengers of light have told you, helping to create this kind of world is why you chose to be there. 

13. What penalties will people have to pay when they cross over to Nirvana because they chose to do that instead of accepting the truths that will be revealed?  Never is a penalty levied by any source! Individuals whose conscious lifetime choices were not aligned with their soul contracts get as many other opportunities as they need to "get it right," and "getting it right" always is every soul's choice. Scientifically speaking, multiple lifetimes is the reality of universal physics in action. In the sense of an all-knowing, all-loving, ever-present God-a more personal and equally accurate accounting- it is a form of divine grace that is offered to every soul in this universe. 

14. And many people will choose to exit this lifetime rather than believe that what they have been taught is wrong. In previous messages we have stated that the emergence of the truth about the origin of religions will present the greatest challenge to the devoutly religious and to lightworkers alike. We also have said that when you encounter that bumpiest part of the pathway into fourth density, you will rise to it well prepared to avoid the potholes yourselves as well as help others tread more securely.   

15. How many people will ascend with Earth, and will the deaths of so many individuals who don't go cause turmoil and be a destabilizing influence on the planet? The numbers of souls who will physically ascend with Earth cannot be finitely forecast, but we can state with certainty that those who choose not to go along will lessen turmoil, and that will help to stabilize the planet. All who accompany Earth into the higher densities have absorbed the light-that is what enabled them to make the trip-and because they know that love bonds are as eternal as the soul itself, no longer will they grieve for their "loss" of beloved people who enter the spirit world. Furthermore, in the higher vibrations along the ascension pathway, telepathic connections will open and once again visits between souls on Earth and those in Nirvana will become commonplace. 

16. Let me mention this, too: In addition to the indispensable infusion of light from other civilizations, geophysical events are helping to stabilize the planet. When all pockets of negativity have been released and the energy transmuted into light, there will be no more need for those kinds of events. And please have NO concerns about Planet X, Niburu, a "brown star" or a celestial body by any other name being on a collision course with Earth.

17. When Earth reaches a specific frequency, will all the dark ones and any others who don't accept the light die at the same time? There is a frequency, or vibratory level, wherein carbon-based bodies cannot survive, and the bodies of the puppets of darkness will die within a very short period. In some cases, this simply means that no new clones will replace the ones that degenerated. But the majority of people who will leave are the devoutly religious whose very lives would be meaningless without their beliefs; their bodies will die at various times, depending on each one's ability to deal with formidable mental and emotional stress after the truths about religions emerge. Once in Nirvana, all those dear souls will be aware of the truths, and will choose to consciously remember them in their next incarnation.

Written by: Suzanne (Suzy) Ward

THE EVENING OF APRIL 17, 1980, Suzanne (Suzy) Ward was packing for her next day's business trip when she received the call from Panama that changed her life: Her 17-year-old son Matthew had died after a vehicle crash that day.

The loss of a child has such an immeasurable impact upon the family that Suzy's preoccupation with Matthew's death would not be considered quite unusual. The direction she took in trying to cope with her grief, however, might be considered that. She called a medium with whom she had become friendly three years before, when they had lived in the same city, and asked about her son. The medium told her that he was in "deep rest"; she would receive an unmistakable sign when he was ready to send her a message, and when that time came, she would be led to a trustworthy medium.

THE SIGN CAME ALMOST NINE MONTHS LATER in her first dream about Matthew since his death, and in the months that followed, she learned first of a medium in Virginia, then one in Maryland, and later another, in Delaware. None of them knew each other and none asked Suzy anything except her son's name. Yet all accurately described Matthew's physical appearance and personality; they told her the cause of his death and the ease of his transition. They talked about his new interests and activities, sometimes with a progress report on educational pursuits or piano lessons. And they gave her explicit information about her own life, even details that she alone knew. They could tell her all of these things because they were merely passing on to her what Matthew was telling them -- the love between him and his mother was the inseparable bond that enabled him to be aware of her comings and goings.

Matthew also told all of those who spoke for him that when the time was right, he and his mother would communicate directly. But even when that same assurance came from a medium Suzy met later, after a move to California, she could not help but doubt that Matthew ever would talk with her directly. Why would such a unique gift -- in her mind, telepathic communication was that -- come to such an unremarkable person as she? To someone with no aptitude for anything extrasensory, no training in anything "New Age," and no knowledge of ancient spiritual beliefs; to someone who long ago had abandoned 35 years of religious upbringing because it never had been spiritually fulfilling?

BUT IT DID HAPPEN! It was early February 1994, almost 14 years after Matthew's death, when he started speaking to his mother. It was not simply her longing for this moment that created it -- something definitely extraordinary was happening! For a while, each morning as Suzy recorded her and Matthew's conversations at the computer, along with feeling elated by this glorious development, she struggled with the thought that perhaps some bizarre part of her mind was emerging. Soon, though, she realized that her imagination could not possibly produce the astounding information she was receiving from her son and, by now, the entities whom he introduced to her.

It wasn't long before Matthew started talking about the books she was meant to prepare from their transmissions. He told his mother that her profession as journalist was not by chance; it was experience she needed so that, later on, she could properly work with the information he and the others would be giving her. But the huge task of reviewing, indexing, integrating and organizing months of daily messages into some logical order was a challenge she didn't care to accept, and she kept ignoring her son's urging her to "start the book."

FINALLY, HE TOLD HER THAT HER PRIMARY MISSION of this lifetime was to publish that information about life beyond Earth and the celestial advice and guidance urgently needed during this era of unprecedented planetary changes. Finally, he answered her question about why he had died at such a young age: He had to, so he could send her that information.

More at Susy's website

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