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October 15 2009

~ Empowerment 101 ~
Life at the Speed of Love

From Steve:

So, what will it be like living in the Age of Empowerment?  In this channel the group talks about some of the important points we will be seeing right away as we reach this next level of evolution. One of the points they made in this channel was that the original 500 templates of humanity can no longer contain the energy. In the beginning of humanity in the physical form there were only 500 beings who took physical bubbles of biology to populate Earth. Until now each one of us has been a direct descendant of one of these templates.  The problem came with our evolution, as we outgrew these original templates long ago.  The group even indicated that much of the weight problem on Earth may be partly due to this one issue.  The good news is that now thousands of new Human templates will now find their way onto planet Earth, and we are not restricted to keeping the template we currently have.  The basic idea is that the new templates give the spirit a lot more room to stretch out in the body.

Hang on. . . here we go!

Have a great October!

P.S. Don’t miss the VirtualLight Broadcast on Halloween!
Steve Rother

New Body Templates Coming Soon!

Greetings from Home

Dear creators of planet Earth, we bring you Greetings from Home.

Moving at the Speed of Love

You have journeyed such a long way through many different forms throughout the universe to be here at this critical juncture for mankind. We wish to address today what that looks like to us, so you can see the larger vision of what we see happening on planet Earth right now. We tell you that you are moving at the speed of love, which is actually a little bit faster than the speed of light. The reality of it is that you are changing so rapidly now that many of the challenges or problems that you experience in your life are related to the speed of the growth that Is occurring. We see it happening all over the planet and yes,, it is raising you to a higher vibrational state. It is very common among humans that every time you grow you experience some pain, but we tell you that the misery part is entirely an optional experience because you do not need to stay in that pain. Allowing it to flow completely through you and move to the next level is one of the most important traits you can acquire. Also, we wish to share that you are not alone on this planet. You will find your connection to other people and the other aspects of yourselves and this will start dissolving some of the internal struggles that many of you experience on planet Earth.

What we tell you is that every person on this planet carries a different ray of god. Just imagine that god is a great light shining out into the universe. The light travels through a prism and breaks up into small vibrational ranges which you call colors. Yet if you look at the larger picture, each one of you is a unique color. Each one of you has a unique expression of the god within you. That uniqueness is your gift. If you can find that expression, if you can find any portion of that in another person, you enlighten, empower, and strengthen them. If you can do this with the people around you, guess what happens to your own life? It magically starts to be on track and you become empowered, because you are helping others to step up at the same time.

Energy Vampires and Inner Beauty

It is very challenging sometimes, for there are people who certainly aggravate you. There are people who do not vibrationally match you, or sometimes drain your energy.  All of you have known such people in your lives that we refer to as energy vampires. It is not something they are doing intentionally, but sometimes they feel as if they need energy so much that every time they are around you they must drain your energy. They take as much as they can because they may not have another chance. We tell you, dear ones, that is starting to shift. It is changing now because energy is not transferred in the same way. If you can ever find that inner beauty inside of them, that is all it takes to break down the barriers and work through this energy field.

We also wish to repeat something that we brought through in another channel recently. It is very important to understand what is taking place on planet Earth. We have told you about the re-wire of humanity. The short version is that the two halves of your brain are eventually growing back together as one. That will also dissolve the separation you see with each other and yourselves. It will dissolve much of the illusion of polarity on the gameboard and help you to react much faster as it happens. It is not just happening in the brain, but is also occurring energetically throughout the whole body. The pineal gland is certainly being activated in many people on planet Earth as we speak; it is done through intention.  Your thoughts will activate it, and as you evolve your own perception of the world around you will continue to change.

Releasing the Old Templates

As humans, you were here from the very beginning of Earth but you did not have physical bodies. You had ethereal bodies much like what you consider angels to be today. The bodies had no density, and as the Earth began to cool over a very long period of time you began to lose your connection to her because she was gaining density. Your advancement in those days was actually lowering your vibration, not raising it. Today you think higher vibrations are better than lower vibrations. However, there was a time when you were striving to lower your vibration to stay in connection with planet Earth and that was when you first took the physical bodies. If you look at the timeline of Earth, it was only in the very last seconds that you took these physical bodies. When you took the physical form, there was a separation that had to happen because there were only 500 souls that adapted 500 physical bodies with a tremendous connection throughout the universe. Six primary parental races came to planet Earth to help adapt the physical bodies of the apes to house your spirit for what was expected to be a short duration on the gameboard of planet Earth. You have done very well with that, although there were only 500 templates. Even today, each and every one of you is a direct descendant of one of those original 500 templates. This is part of the reason that you can see someone walking down the street and you could swear it is your brother, but it is not. This also explains why someone may act exactly like or says the same thing as your aunt or your grandmother. You re-member these people as they are reflected through the other prototypes of those same templates that each of you can be traced back to.

These templates have also caused challenges. Many times, especially in recent years, your energy field has outgrown its template. This is one of the major causes for weight gain on planet Earth and it has happened in many areas. We are not speaking just of people that have gained weight beyond their expectations, but of those who can actually stop eating and still gain weight. We can now share this process with you, because you are no longer limited to the templates. The templates are beginning to change as humanity transitions through this re-wire. Not only do you have the capability of changing the template that you are already in, but the children being born are bringing in a whole new series of templates—a wide variety of possible templates that humans can take when they come into these physical bodies. The possibilities of this are very exciting. We will share with you how you can change your own templates.  You can change how your body holds your energy, because the physical bubbles of biology are only temporary containers to hold your energy and they are always, at every moment, the perfect container for your energy. If you have a sick body, you have sick energy. If you have other things that are transforming, you have a body that is growing and you have growing energy. It is literally a perfect reflection. However, the limitations that you have always had with the physical body on planet Earth are starting to lessen, and will eventually go away as these new templates become in process. Of course, if you were born into a new template it would be no problem. Changing the old template into the new possibilities is going to be more work and take a little bit more energy. It is only a question until one or two of you start mastering the process and teach it to others. This can happen on planet Earth now more than ever before.

On Purpose

It is a critical juncture of time and space that you are in. You have placed yourself here quite on purpose, dear ones, and you have made it to the junction you were trying to make. Welcome Home! You are creating it on Earth right now. That is what is taking place. You have the help of the universe, for the six parental races are back on Earth trying to help you change. You have a tremendous amount of help—ambassadors from all over the universe, on planet Earth right now just to help you to move to this next level. You made it!

Many of you are in back up plans, because your timing on planet Earth was more important than your surroundings or even your parental structures. What you have done is to set up a lot of your life to be able to be in a key place at a key time. The key time is now. It has finally happened. What you will find is that as you start stretching your own energetics and energetic container, you will find new ways to run energy through the body. The moment that you do this, turn around and share it with someone else. Give it so someone else and do with it whatever you need to do, but get it out. Share it because this is the information that is going to be incredibly important on planet Earth.

We see that many of you are discouraged about what you watch on your news. We have the Keeper watching the news regularly, even though sometimes he does not like to do so. When something comes up on the news we are able to share with him how it ties in with what is happening in the overall picture. Let us explain what is happening now, because he is very frustrated with what he sees on the television.  There are huge advancements taking place in the collective vibration.  Recently, you reflected your hope in a person who was elected to a very important position. Now you are starting to take your own power back and that is very appropriate. It is no longer appropriate to give your hope to anyone, because that is exactly what humans did with Adolf Hitler. That is exactly what humans have done over and over, and over again. What you are seeing is that all of humanity was becoming excited about the new possibilities. Now after moving two steps forward, you are taking an entire step back. There is confusion, anger, frustration and a lot of negative energies coming up. Although a lot is taking place it is simply a venting process, because much of what you have set into motion is well underway and moving in the direction you are going.

Please do not get discouraged when you look at all the evidence to the contrary. When everything appears to be the opposite and seems to be getting worse rather than better, it is because there will be no more secrets on planet Earth. This is happening already. It is happening in Iran, in the United States, and it is happening all over this planet. Those are the things to celebrate, because never again will humans follow the leader in the way you have always done before.

Empowerment 101

Now is your opportunity to take your true empowerment. Empower yourselves first by taking as much responsibility for your own life as you can. It is not a race, and you are not ahead of or behind another person. Everyone has his own path to follow. It is not possible to compare the paths of two spirits on planet Earth, so stop trying and embrace what satisfies you. What brings you joy? What makes your eyes light up when you talk about it? What makes your heart sing? What is it you would do if you had nothing else concerning you? If you had all the money in the world and no other cares, what would you do? It is time to step into that in any way you can…now.  Move in those directions and let your light shine and be seen. Stop looking at all the reasons why it will not work, and know that it is already yours to claim. That will change planet Earth very quickly and you will witness less fear over the next six months than ever before.

Right now, you are still experiencing the backlash in the energy field. You are still feeling the one step back. For the most part you will see your recovery from this economic squeeze, and it will follow a very similar path of three steps forward and one step back. But it is still moving forward and that is the most important part. Do not doubt yourselves. Just let it go. Let yourselves feel the energy come through. When you see another human being,  try to find god in their eyes, even if only for a split second. Try to find that spark that lights them up, so that you can reflect it back to them. That is the key to finding inner beauty. That will be the most empowering part on planet Earth, and the next five years will be very critical in everything you do. The nice part is that you are on a very beautiful path, so enjoy the ride.
We ask you to simply treat each other with the greatest respect. Nurture one another every chance you get and play well together.


The group

Written by: Steve Rother

May I introduce the Group

When I first started channeling the Group I didn't believe it to be channeling because it was such a natural process. It was as if they were speaking to me in my own voice, yet I was aware that there were several of them. From their perspective channeling is a natural process and not mystical at all. It's the art of listening and when you learn to listen, the information begins to gets very clear. This is a very grounded form of channeling.

One day I asked them who they were. They laughed lovingly and told me the answer to my question was three fold:
1. It's none of my business.
2. It's none of my business. and
3. It's none of my business.

My first reaction was fear as I thought entities not willing to identify themselves must not be of the light. Still, these messages were so wonderful that I could not stay away. I kept hearing this wonderful laughter and finally asked them why they would not answer me. They then offered me this: "We wish you to discern the messages for the love content of the messages alone. This is exercising your own power through discernment instead of determining value because of a label placed on it. Discernment is the greatest expression of the God within you for it clearly uses your power to direct your own world. We offer you this as a tool: If it pulls at your heart strings then take it as your own. If there is anything less then leave it without judgment for it was placed there for another." Discernment is a tool they ask us to use in all areas of our lives, from who we allow in our fields to what we watch on television. To them this is so important that they embody this lesson in their own anonymity. After several months they finally agreed to let me call them simply "the Group".

They offer information for self empowerment and techniques for awakening those powers already within you. They are here to help those choosing to move into their joy and create their version of Heaven right here on Earth. They love to laugh and I provide them with lots of opportunities!

For a long time the Group said little about their origins, except to say that they are a group of nine and they consider me one of them. Each one has a specific job and field of expertise and mine is translating to the human heart. In December of 1999 they told us all a bit more of who they were. This information can be found in the message The Family of Michael. The monthly messages from the Group are available as the Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home. You can place yourself on a list to receive these message via e-mail.

We proudly offer you these for your own empowerment and discernment.

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